What could I do to make my urine less salty?!

Question: Over the past few weeks my girlfriend has told me that my urine has become much more salty than in the past. My diet has basically stayed the same so I have no idea why this would happen. Is there anything I could possibly do to make the salt content return to normal? Thank you

a) eat less salt
b) drink more water
c) add sugar to mask the saltiness

any will do it
And how pray tell does your skanky g.friend know what your wee wee tastes like?
does she just smell it, or does she taste it? Anyway, just drink more water!
You think this was a slick way to reveal your oral sex life, right? I myself could care less about crap like this. If she is drinking it, she has a bigger problem than you do.
Drink lots of water...
Umm...she drinks your urine?? Ooookay...well...ermm...just drink lots of fluids. But why are you so worried about what your pee tastes like??
I DON'T EVEN WANT TO KNOW....Just drink more water. And why are u sharing this w/ the world, i mean ur girlfriend's involvement, part of it<8-P
How does yor girlfriend know your urine is salty? And why does it matter if it's salty? I think you and your girlfriend are sick and twisted if she has been tasting it.

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