How do i get rid of my pussy pouch??!

Question: How do i get rid of my pussy pouch.?.?
Since pregnancy and the birth of my child, i have had this "fat pouch" above my "pussy area" and i don't know what to do to get rid of it.. I HATE it!! I call it my pussy crunches the way to work it off or am i missing something.?.?
Thanks!Health Question & Answer

The best way to lose fat is to do cardio.. Unfortunately, crunches won't help you burn fat......they just build the muscle underneath..Health Question & Answer

actually, if you've lost weight and it's still there, it's not going to go away without some sort of cosmetic surgery.. Lots of women have this problem..Health Question & Answer

It goes away over time i've had 2 children and trust me before long you won't even notice and if it is that bothersome there's always plastic surgery..Health Question & Answer

lower abdomem crunches
but theres no way to spot lose weight
if you lose weight its going to come off
theres only a way to spot tone musclesHealth Question & Answer

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