Does a woman's vagina actually become "loose" after child birth?!

Question: Does a woman's vagina actually become "loose" after child birth.?
This is a serious question. I am just curious because different sources have given me difference answers. Like, due to having a baby, does this actually stretch the vagina making it larger or not as "tight" as it was before child birth.?

Im not asking this as a joke or anything... i really actually am quiet curious.

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It doesn't go from the neck of a soda bottle to to something you could drive a semi through, that's for sure!

The vaginal muscles -- just like in any other portion of the body -- are resilient, elastic and heal quite well. If there IS any sort of looseness, it is typically easily treated by doing Kegel exercises, and the difference is so minute (less than 1/2" in musculature give) that it is completely imperceptible.

Try this little experiment. Take your finger and pull the corner of your mouth (so as to stretch out your cheek & lips) out from your teeth as far as it will stretch .... hold it there for a while (20 minutes, let's say). Then let it go. What happens.? This is what happens to the vagina during child all just goes right back to where it belongs.Health Question & Answer

Obviously, a baby is much larger than a vagina. The vagina stretches to accommodate a child like it would a penis.
So yes, a vagina does become looser after childbirth. But remember that the vagina is a muscle and it can become tighter again.Health Question & Answer

It makes it strech but doctors usually stitch it back up to its original size after the birth has taken place.Health Question & Answer

It changes form slightly, but it still gets the job done. You can google before and after pictures, I'm sure.Health Question & Answer

Yes, if you had a natural birth. There's exercises to do to tighten the vaginal muscles. Good Luck!Health Question & Answer

Yes. I have a friend who had this problem after giving birth four times. She had it surgically corrected.Health Question & Answer

I have 2 babys,And I don;t know how it feel cause they cut me open.. Health Question & Answer

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