Why does caffeine put me to sleep?!

Question: Why does caffeine put me to sleep.?
Whenever I take a 5 hour 'energy shot' .. or have a cup of coffee, it makes me EXTREMELY tired.

It doesn't give me any kind of pick up, just instant exhaustion.

WHY is this.?

This has happened to me my entire life .. it's not a new thing.Health Question & Answer

Very strange i've never heard of this.It gives me insomnia and makes my mind go zooooooooooooooooooooooooomy! Maybe it gives you a min or 2 high and then you crash.? could have something to do with your blood sugar are you diabetic.? or hypogycemic.?Health Question & Answer

This happens to me too, ironically enough.

My mom says that it's probably because caffeine reacts differently in different people, and plus I'm on Concerta, which makes me focus, so I assume that it pretty much negates caffeine or at least tones it down.

Or it could be a placebo effect - if you read that it made someone else tired, you could have thought it made you tired, too, and so it has that effect on your body now. Health Question & Answer

its totally normal. Caffeine for some helps them stay awake and for others its the total opposite. Its OK your fine.:D:D:D:D:D::D:DHealth Question & Answer

Caffeine has different reactions to different people. I'm like you - Coffee will put me to sleep. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just the way your body takes in caffeine.Health Question & Answer

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