Can you donate organs if you have a tattoo?!

yup, dh1977 is right. You should get yourself tested for Hepatitis A, B and C plus go for an HIV screening. One way to get this done is actually to find out if the blood bank in your country carries out these screening tests for all donated blood products. That way, you can donate blood while having your health status checked :)

All the best and good luck! Do keep yourself healthy so that others may benefit from your organs optimally next time :)

Other Answers:
Yes, as long as you didn't contract hepatitis or HIV when you got it.
You can even donate blood, though for that you have to wait a year after getting the tattoo to make sure that, if you got anything from it, then it will show up in the blood test. As long as your blood is clean, you can donate.
Ive often wondered about this myself as I am heavily tattooed...I was once turned down to donate blood because I had a visible tattoo..all of mine a professionaly done and I am in good health, so.I too wonder about this...
You can't donate organs or blood for six months after getting a tattoo to ensure you contract anything during the tattoo.
yes as long as you didnt get more than a tat when you got the tat I have 2 tats and I am on the national doners registration
no because that's bad and you shouldn't do that.EVER!
YES, You Sure Can, U Do Have The Waiting Period But You Can. I Also Have Tattoos, and i do donate blood, not a problem.
yes. even if you have hep or hiv. they can use certain organs for certain things.


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