Why do men hold their crotch to watch TV or sleep?!

Question: Why do men hold their crotch to watch TV or sleep.?
Have you ever noticed men holding their crotch when watching TV or sleeping.? Is this a sign of a sex addict or is this normal.?Health Question & Answer

I've been told I do it a lot, which is really weird because I'm not aware that I do it! If I'm really chilled I've noticed I put my hands down my pants, but also when I'm nervous I stick them down there again and hold on to my package...I also grab my dck when i'm cold, its really warm down there! I am a very sexual person, but I think its more of a comforting thing ;)Health Question & Answer

Protection.Health Question & Answer

Because they can.Health Question & Answer

It's just comfier.Health Question & Answer

So their wife doesnt cut it offHealth Question & Answer

Normal, just keepin the jewels warm.Health Question & Answer

they not holding they are crotch the holding there pants upHealth Question & Answer

I am constantly pulling on it to make it longer...hasn't worked yet!Health Question & Answer

i don,t but maybe they want to make sure it,s still there or afraid it might go away.Health Question & Answer

why don't you hold it for him.?Health Question & Answer

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