Is it wrong for born again christians to masterbate?!


There are some Christians that would say masturbation is wrong and they would point to several passages in the bible where they would say that masturbation is not favored by God.

It is not whether you are "born again" it is more of a whether Christianity states that masturbation is morally wrong.Dr. James Dobson, a conservative Christian psychologist, wrote, "Between 95 and 98 percent of all boys masturbate, and the rest have been known to lie". Studies confirm those numbers, and there's nothing to suggest it's different for Christian boys.If we confess our sins to God, He will forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. He ignores all our short comings and failures (whether real or imagined) and forgives ALL the sins that we confess to Him!

If you feel like your masturbation is a sin, then tell God that you are sorry and keep your heart right with Him. Don't try making promises that you will never do it again because it is almost impossible to keep them - almost like promising you will never go to the toilet again! If you keep making promises you will only feel condemned and bad about yourself. It is difficult for quite a lot of teenagers to accept their sexual nature and to become comfortable with this new side of their being.

God sees us as pure and clean when we come to Him like this. The Bible says that it is like we are wearing fine white robes as far as God is concerned. To believe that God sees us that way requires a conscious decision just the same as it needs a conscious decision for us if we were to physically put on some white robes.

Imagine you had a girlfriend that you really loved. This girlfriend kept doing something that she felt really bad about (we'll say smoking for example). Because of this she kept hiding from you, convinced that you were angry with her because of this habit she couldn't kick. All the while you were wanting to be close to her because of the love you had for her - the habit was of no consequence as far as you were concerned. She couldn't be convinced and your relationship became strained.

That is how it is with God. He just wants to love you and have you love Him! This is His highest priority! He is not looking down from heaven waiting to catch you masturbating again! It is apparently of very little (if any) real interest to Him! All He sees is the cleansed you - because of Jesus' sacrifice of dying on the cross and spilling His blood for us all.

Other Answers:
No. Masturbation is a gift from God.
Of course not, this is natural!!
i dun tink religion matters
not at all
Funny how most answers are from females.
Apparently it's healthy to in order to prevent prostate cancer.
No, the ten commandments do not say " thou shall not jerk off."
Enjoy yourself, masturbating is healthy and fun, and oh yea, free.
To quote Woody Allen " The nice thing about masturbation is that you are always having sex with someone that loves you "
Of course not! Everyone does it, it's natural.
yes it is beacause its lust. but there is no sin non forgivable. besides dening him then your doomed
no go ahead and do it.
i am still wondering going through this sort of questions even after Kinsey's report on masturbation published which stated that most of the human beings do that act. it is neither immoral nor illegal and it is not blasphemous act also. i mean not forbidden by any religion. but even after marriage if a person master bates he is to be taken to a psychotherapist.
its time to go to a confession dude if u go to the church approach the priest and said oh father forgive me for i have sinned and blessed me father since my last confession was 2 years ago then say father i haved sinned and masterbate everyday when i am lonely on my room and the priest would say son did you know that masterbating is a sin lust is one of the seven deadly sin against god did you know that. those who do that ends in hell not heaven my son. and the priest will say there is more important thing in life than sex my child okay for your forgiveness in sin say 3 hail Mary , and 4 our father {prayers} and go my son and remember god is watching you everyday okay if your a catholic do this if not just ask a pastor in your church if masterbating is right okay.

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