when i get hot i itch over most of my body,i also break out in a rash?!

Question: i take clariden but it seems to only work sometimes the rash really burns and usually gets blisters after my reaction .doctor said it is a reaction to something but not the heat he said that is just what sets it offsome times the itching is almost unbearable and the blisters really hurt i seem to itch most of the time but really intense when i get hot.i have tryed different detergent and soaps nothing seems to help

My little brother has the same problem. It's a heat fungus. I know it sounds gross. but ne ways. you need to go to your local pharmacist and ask for a bottle of medicine called Dermafrost Psoriasis. It's a gel like substance that really works. Just follow the directions on the bottle and in about 2 weeks it should begin to disappear. It will look like you are peeling. kinda like a sunburn. but that's normal. but it's gonna itch. Although you need to make sure you put it on all the place that bother you because if you miss one it will come back, or begin to spread again. Trust me on this.

Other Answers:
could be perfume or deoderant. try benedryl and calamine lotion (clear)
I would get a second opinion. It sounds like your doctor did nothing to ease your pain.
Switch to dye and perfume free laundry products. Use plain glycerin soap with no additives (you can buy it in health food stores and sometimes beauty supply stores) for your hands, face, hair and body. Get unscented clear deodorant.
Start keeping a diary of everywhere you go and what you come in contact with (including what you eat) and when you break out and see if you can find a pattern. All this should be a value when you go for another opinion.
Good luck.
If you break out in rashes and itching all over then you need to see a specialist.
You are allergic to something that is coming in contact with your body. I would suspect that it might be something in the washing of your clothes. Check and see if somebody that is doing the wash is using fabric softeners. I had a problem with Bounce Fabric Softener..it made me miserable for a year before I found out what was causing my rash and itching. Try changing soaps and detergents used in the washing of your clothes. Try washing the clothes without any soap or detergent for a while just to see if the rash clears up. You can be allergic to almost any chemical. Are you taking any medications..they can cause rashes. If you are taking medications, see if you can stop them without endangering your health. Ask your doctor for substitutes that you might try out. In any case, if these suggestions do not help; you should see and allergist or a dermatologist or just a regular physician who might be able to help you sort out what is causing your problem.
Retired physician
I know you can't really afford health care but if you go to your local hospital or health department maybe they can help you. The health department is free and the hospital will set you up on a payment plan. It's worth it to know why this keep occurring. It sound like you have a severe case of heat rash and you should get some kind of medication "QUICK" !
its a heat rash i get it too and the best way to relieve it is too find an a/c'd place so the itching and burning subsides and the rash goes away. i find the more i scratch the more it spreads
I'm no doctor but I sweat heavy too, which is heredity and big pores the doctor said. I think a change of diet is called for, try more fruits and stay away from salts which show up in your sweat. Test your blood sugars as well,maybe on set of diabetes. Use Ivory soap in shower and no deordorant ones. But CHANGE the soap powder you are using on your clothes, as when you sweat it make be bringing out the chemical ingrediants and your itchy skin is the result.
i dont know what to say. i want some point to get level 2
Maybe your allergic to your own sweat
It sounds like a heat rash and there is no guarantee that your doctor is right. But assuming your doctor is correct, if you have already switched to detergents and soaps for sensitive skin, then you may need to start keeping a journal of the foods you eat to see if there is any connection with your diet and when you break out in a rash. Also take note of the kinds of fabrics you wear and sleep on. It could also be an allergic reaction to bed bugs, which have been becoming more common.
try this.oeatmeal baths and use cala clear lotion faithfully twice daily
I would definitely see another doctor. I would see a skin specialist which is a dermatologist. I , too, had a bad skin problem. It turns out that my body was reacting to the narcotics I was given following a surgery. They killed the pain but also gave me HIVES. No big bumps . Just an itchy burning sensation. I have been on Doxipin for quite a while and need to be on it another month. Two of my doctors, INCLUDING my surgeon didn't help. I took myself to a dermatologist and everything I thought was true, was. Usually you need a referral to see a specialist, but this is one I have seen, before. The first dermatologist I saw was half right. I KNEW I needed someone else. Sure enough. The 2nd dermatologist agreed with the first one that it was HIVES, but her prescription was different. I'm getting better,now. Good luck to you, friend. I know how awful it can be.
your getting a heat rash very common
sounds like an allergic reaction to something
have you been checked for crabs?
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if your thinking what im thinking then you shoulg get your mind on somthing else.
it works.
i have same problem, but what i use is oil and a type of stone, the doctors are saying it is allergy , i changed all things, cloth, house, soap, food, drink ,but still have same, i guess you should try this drug for a little period predisolonic , actually i am using local heb on my that it work now, bu someone told me he use this drug and is ok now, the person also assist me with the drug as well before i get the herb that actually let it go finally , but the drug can safe you i did not complete the dose before leaveing it , after trying several drug , i lost belief in west medicine and use traditional oil , which is ok now

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