Does excessive masturbation make your penis small?!

Question: Like if you masturbate every day will it make your penis smaller. Because i heard someone say that it does

No. It will make your sperm count low, but nothing else.

Other Answers:
Nope. Just crooked if you always use the same hand.

No, just something someone told you to scare the tar out of you.

don't worry about all the masturbation your doing lol the only time your little friend will shrink is after you are done :-)

not unless you do it with a food processor I don't have a penis. so I can't say for sure. But, No. I don't think thats true. I did hear that if you use the same hand it will curve to that side though.

no if its small its not from jerking it

No, you're just hung like a field mouse.

uh no no it won't make your penis small it is actually healthy to masturbate

It should make it longer because of all the yanking on it that you are doing. But, it could make you go blind due to all the mineral depletion in your body.

Not at all! If it did, 100% of guys would be in big (no pun intended) trouble!

Mine is crooked b/c I'm left-handed. It has gotten longer though. Excess and continuous masturbation really makes it smaller. You ask the elderly people for further confirmation. Better to consult a psychiatrist / reliable physician to cure the habit of excess masturbation..

OH my god! I hope not - I've been masturbating since I was a teen and still do at age 70 and my penis has not gotten any smaller. When I was younger, I was told that masturbation made your penis larger, but that didn't happen either. Don't listen to those "someones".

no it does not. the only time when you have the penis shrinking is when after the erection, the penis will shrink and its back to the state of non-erected. however it is natural to shrink back to non-erected stage because all penis will become non-erected and thus will shrink. it does not mean the original state of the non erected penis will shrink further. no it does not. Masturbation will cause the sperm count to drop temporary. it is because after you ejaculated sperm, the sperm will be reproduced back by the testicles. so it is alright.



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