Raw penis with peeling of skin?!

Question: "My friend" had a problem a couple of years back. His penis got real itchy and then it shed like a snake almost. Now there is a discoloration, the top of the head is normal but the rest of the head is whiter, more pink. Under the head, it gets raw and cracked and sometime it looks like little paper cuts. After masturbating, the skin starts to peel or is very dry at the bottom of the head. There is a little pigment change on the balls as well along with funky odor at times. Any idea what this is. "He" wont go to a doctor because he is emabarassed.

"your friend" might have eczema. or it could be as simple as not enough lubricant when masterbating, or the wrong kind of lubricant. May I suggest that you tell "your friend" to use k-y jelly instead of whatever else he is using.
Eczema: most commonly affects other parts of the body, but occasionally it may first appear on the penis. In such cases, it may be a skin reaction to an irritant that is better be described as dermatitis. Eczema appears as diffuse red plaques with a poorly defined edge and finely scaled surface. It frequently causes quite severe irritation. It can be caused by infection or local reaction to skin injury from chemicals or radiation. There are a number of effective treatments available, such as steroid creams. It is not infectious.

Here is a great link: please use it.
dont masturbate to hard then.
needs amputating
Probably an allergy to any lube or cream he's using.
I think "he" should get over his embarrassment, and take "himself" to the doctor!
An Urologist won't laugh at you. They get paid not to.
It's a hygiene problem. He needs to clean his area better with soap and rinse it well.. After sex or mastubation, even when he pees he should rinse it off. After a few days he should be fine.
i think, one "you" may have an infection or, 2 following "your" username i'd say STDs
My bf had this it was from excessive sex/handjobs and when we went to the doctor he told us that the best thing to do is to try and find a lube with aloe vera in it or at night when he was sleeping to put a non fragrant extra moisturizing lotion on it and cover it with a plastic baggie to rehydrate it. Sounds stupid I know but it worked. Oh and make sure to wash the lotion off in the morning or it will cause chaffing!! GOOD LUCK!!
Tell "your friend" to get his *** to the doctor. Hopefully it's something very simple that can be treated quite easily.
Bottom line is if "your friend" wants to continue to masturbate without pain, and maybe someday actually have a partner, to get over the embarrassment and just go. Doctor's have pretty much seen and heard it all, so just tell "your friend" to call and make an appointment first thing in the morning.!! Good luck. let us know!!
try using a lube you might need to hold off on the jacking off for a while dude
Tell him to use some type of lotion when he is masturbating
It sounds like you have an STD! Go to the Dr. ASAP!!! If you dont .... your D!CK will fall off!!
GO TO THE DOCTOR!!! this could be very serious! seek medical attention immediatly! who cares if its emabrrasing, would you rather continue not knowing and actually have a serious problem or knowing and getting it fixed before it worsens!?!? emabarassment is the least of your worries!
This is too serious.
Only a doctor will do as far as being embarrassed you get over it.
Women have female exams every year and sure we're embarrassed a man is invading our intimate space but we know it's necessary and for our protection to be sure everything is OK. Things are not ok with you - friend

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