What Happens to a man when he is castrated?!

Question: What may Actually Happen to a man when he is cut his male productive organ.Die Suffocate or Something else.

A friend had it done because of cancer. They removed his testicles and put in some plasticy balls so he would look the same. His penis was not effected. I assume he lost his sex drive, but it's not something you ask a guy.
He won't die... sometimes men overseas can get castrated and live because they commited a rape and get punished for it by getting it cut off.... I think men who commit rape in america should also be subject to that punishment... i wonder if rape cases would diminish???
They cut his nuts off, The same as with a male cat/dog/horse/bull etc.

Means he can't have sex again

(I wish they would do this to all pedifiles )
he jsu loses his penis..thats its
His nuts are donated to Rosie O'Donnell.
When a man is castrated, it means that his testicles are removed.
This leads to a decrease in the production of testosterone.

The combination of the above two, is that he will:
1.Lose all interest in heterosexual sex
2. When it is done at a young age his body hair will not grow as much, his voice may not become as deep as it would have.
3. His levels of aggression will decrease sharply.
he"s lose
he can get an erection but cant orgasam.
Cannot have children.
Why castrate a man? He will become a soprano!

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