What does it mean when your pee smells like cheerios?!


Your eating too much Cheerios.
Try eating toast for breakfast and lay off the cereal for awhile!
that is weird...mine smells like cheerios too....lol

I bet you drink a lot of beer?
It means back up and quit pissing in your nose.

Nah, honestly you should try just substituting whatever fluids you drink with water. No alcolhol, water. No juice, water. No soda, water. When you get clear piss, then you know you've cleaned your system. After that, just try your best to drink water regularly, cuz your piss is darker when there are impurities in your body.
You better get to the doctor. It should smell like Lucky Charms.
Ew. It's probably just the mixture of amonia and fluids in your urine; and why are you smelling you pee anyway???
Sounds like you're eating healthy. Mine has a 'wheaty' odor when I eat my TOTAL.
You're eating way too many oats.

Oats are for horses.

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