Why my balls...?!

Question: Why is it that my balls never hang from my skin? I mean, they may once in a while-not long, but why do they always stay tight to the skin and wrinkled up? Sometimes, it looks as if I don't even have balls. And last night, they started hurting, but that went away. What should I do, and I won't go to the doctor, because my mom will wanna know what's up. And also, on my penis why is it that it goes straight, then on one side it is bigger and it's thicker??? My penis isn't much to brag about, not big at all when I'm gonna be 15 in February, but why is it that I don' think this is normal? Please tell me about this!!!!!

You are fine, having your balls retracted (tight) most of the time is generally normal for teens and guys into their 20's and 30's. You are reaching your sexual peak, and your testosterone levels are very high, so while you think about sex once every five minutes or so, your balls react similarly--tightening up in anticipation of some action. Frankly, even in the locker room you seldom see hangers--balls hanging loose, most guys' bags are contracted somewhat. On warm, relaxed days when you have no thoughts about sex in any way, your sac may relax fully--but don't count on it happening anytime soon.

Your penis at your age is still developing, likely still stretching and growing in girth and length, don't dwell on it, refrain from measuring it for at least 3 or 4 months, you'll likely note a difference. You grow overall at your age in spurts, and not necessarily all over-- your ears and nose might be getting big, and your arms longer, so teen bodies sometimes get odd looking for a while as the rest of the body catches up.
it's just cold right now,it's winter.It'll be the opposite in the summer.
Oh, to be 15 again! Your testicles aren't hanging low because you are cold. Your scrotum retracts them to your body to keep the "twins" warm.
your body temperature is probably low, thats why your balls are not hanging. and about your penis..umm
I'm not sure what you meant!
Usually testicles just look like two balls dangling and closed in a sack (scrotum)!
While testicles size gets its meaning and has some prefixed values, the scrotum can have different length depending from temperature and health but from age and type of underwear used in the time too. Besides, testicles can move inside the sack freely but shouldn't have to come up entering and staying in groin until to hide.
About penis, unluckily its size can't be changed and you can affirm to be lucky if after the development it could be 7 in. at least.
Since your questions weren't so clear, you can write me for more.
If you're concerned about it, you need to have someone have a look. Is there a school nurse you can see?
your balls will do this if your body temp. is cold. they try to get closer to your body heat. you have swimmer balls. sounds like you may have frankin penis.
my bf had that problem and he said both happened to him

dont worry but if you cant go to our doctour, why would you see a school nurse, wouldn't that be even more owkward, i mean the school nurse is for the entire school
Well have u been playing with them? If you like touch them they will change shape and stufff. And don't worry about your penis it is just going through puberty.
They can go straight on one side and then be thin at places on the other side, it will change before its all over, trust me...
maybe your balls are shy

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