Why does it usually sting after I pee/have sex?!

Question: Its been doing this off and on for over 3 months..Ive slept with like 7 different people too..I normally use condoms..But I think someone put something in my drink so I dont recall..Please help, and do be nice...GOD is watching you!

you have std haha ur a stupid *** u probably did it with really ugly whore
ummm go to the dr.
You have an STD.
uve probably got ghonnorhea or scyphilis these r common that can be treated and 1 of them makes the urination process burn
You might want to go to the doc you might have gotten something! You might not! I know it can be embarrasing but you must go! You aren't the 1st and won't be the last! I hope it's nothing serious!
Probably got some STD. HAHA
you probably have an STI, or a urinary tract infection, go to the gynecologist.......oh and don't have sex untill you find out what you have/get rid of it because you dont want to spread it or risk reinfecting yourself
you got Clementia... HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA damn roofies
Sounds like you have an infection (in your urinary tract).

Go to the doctor - can probably clear it up in a couple of weeks.

PS - I'm not in the medical profession. But I have had "it".
Could be a urinary track infection or even a STD.You could also possibly be allergic to latex condoms. Bottom line, it shouldn't hurt when you urinate, especially not for three months. Go see a doctor. He'll run some simple tests and know fairly quick. Anytime your body shows pain, thats a sign something is wrong.
See a Dr. ASAP. Your reproductive and urinary system are to important to play around with. Plenty of colleges, towns etc have free or low cost clincs.
Good luck
STD probably, don't worry about it, you gonna die any way, lol......

you should call your doctor...........

btw, you're not gonna die...!
You've done gone a caught an STD.
if the pain is seriouly bothering you...you should see a doctor so that he can assess what is really wrong with you...condoms help in preveting pregnancy but it is not that helpful in preventing most of the diseases that can be transmitted sexually
While you where thinking about one of those seven people you would like to sleep with some lotion got down inside your pecker and thats why your feeling the burn ,are maybe your using the wrong kind of detergent on your socks
dude you might have something wrong with you
dont listen to these people, you are prob alergic to the condom or lube but go to the doctors to be checked anyway
You probably either have UTI or an STD. Go see a doctor. P.S. Stop sleeping around and you won't have this problem.

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