What happens if you stop masterbating for awhile?!

Question: What happens if you stop masterbating for awhile.?
im 18 years old.. What happens to you mentally, besides going crazy, if you stop masturbating for a long period of time..Health Question & Answer

Your body will start to have to get rid of sperm cells, so it can reproduce new ones so you might have wet dreams, so your body can get rid of older sperm cells.......... and when you masturbate again it will feel really good, and you'll have a good orgasm.. When you ejaculate your body will "shoot" more seemen out of your penis............ look here is something form jackinworld..com

Here's something you actually can change.. If you masturbate a couple of times a day, chances are you aren't going to ejaculate very much semen, or ejaculate very forcefully.. But if you want a more impressive ejaculation, hold back and save it up for a few days or a week.. Drink a lot of water during the 6-hour period before you masturbate, and then draw out your masturbation session for as long as possible, spending a lot of time being very aroused.. When you do finally ejaculate, it will probably come out with a lot more force, and there will be much more of it than usual.. Plus, it'll feel way better than the average orgasm.. Try it!!..........Health Question & Answer

If you stop masturbating a number of things happen.. You have frequent wet dreams after a week or so, and you become extremely stressed and agitated and all you want to do is masturbate, and you become a lot less focused on tasks..

It really isn't worth doing, and many people can only last for around 1 - 2 weeks.. I hope I have answered your question..Health Question & Answer

Nothing happens mentaly.. you want to masterbate tho.. its natural.. your body will relive its self every 28-30 days with "wet dreams"

cheers!Health Question & Answer

i've heard you start having wetdreams, but I havent stopped yetHealth Question & Answer

wet dreams and stress..Health Question & Answer

i dnoHealth Question & Answer

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