Men, does jacking off make you lose testosterone? And what can happen if u lose testosterone!!

Question: Men, does jacking off make you lose testosterone.? And what can happen if u lose testosterone!
Men, I am a 21 year old male.. Anyway, someone from this answer;...... says sex makes you lose testosterone.? Is that bad.? Is that dangerous.? I jack off but I never let anything come out.. I stop myself.. I don't like that part of jacking off probably because I have never done it.. I guess I am sort of scared.. Anyway, so yea, what makes you lose testosterone and are you weak and lazy if u lose testosterone.? negative effects Health Question & Answer

you dont lose testosterone, its just that your body losses its libido for a short time (seriously, in some cases as low as only 15 min) your testosterone will be back to 100 precent capacity within an hour or two, its just that estrogen is released into the body after orgasm.. this makes you fell slightly "feminine/casual" afterwards..

Dont sweat it..Health Question & Answer

LOOK, there is no way in hell a man can loose TOO MUCH testosterone, unless he pumps himself full of testosterone to the point when his testicles stop producing it all together.. Then he'll actually depend on testosterone injections to live normally.. Sex and masturbation do lower a small amount of your testosterone but its not a dangerous amount.. You can easily remake it.. Jerk off as much as you want bro..Health Question & Answer

For the record, 'jacking off' has no negative effects whatsoever.. But excessive amounts of ANYTHING is harmful.. If you jack off once a day or something, it's perfectly all right.. Testosterone, being a hormone, is ejected if not used, so I guess you're only facilitating the ejection.. But I'm sure it could lead to ill health problems if done three or more times a day.. Health Question & Answer

Nothing happens because you don't lose any..Health Question & Answer

No..Health Question & Answer

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