Could I Be Diabetic? Tired, Thirsty, Pins And Needles!

Question: Could I Be Diabetic.? Tired, Thirsty, Pins And Needles
well today my mum and i were diccusing why i always feel thirdsty and nothing ever seems to quench my thurst, and the last few weeks ive been napping alot in the afternoons.. which i NEVER used to do..
atm i drink about 4 or 5 glasses of water a day
i have no salt other than what is already in food
i eat alot of veg, but theres no fruits i like that much
i also tend to occasoionly drink those fuit boosters from cafe nero..
occasionly i get like pins and needles in my toe and heal but not normal pins and needles its more faint and applying pressure doesnt get rid of them..

i also sometimes getr aching limbs..
im only 16 and im getting worried about it,
i always make sure i drink plently of water, but i also have about 1 or 2 cans of coke a week, sometimes less.. wondering if thats a factor.?
i dont realy have alot of suger, and have rasian bran for breafast most days..
we only ever have best of both or wholemeal bread..
we rearely ever have take aways or ready meals..

please help im atchaly realy worried, i didnt wanna trouble my doctor if its just something thats easily cured..

ive had the thurst and pins and needles things for about a year or two if im honnest but only now have i got aching arms and tiredness..
i drink tap and brita filtered water, and when i go out tend to have bottled mineral water, or somethimes that lucazade hyrdo active, which refeshes me thatn water i find.. could that be cause of the salt and minerals.?

sorry for my crappy speling im tired again..

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The amount of water you're drinking isn't unusual.. In fact, it's recommended that you drink even more than that, especially in the summertime.. Sugar of any kind, including sugar substitutes can make you thirsty, like from sodas, candy, cereal, etc....

Worrying won't make you a diabetic or keep you from being a diabetic, and doctors are there whenever you have a concern.. You don't have to diagnose yourself before you make any appointment, that's the doctor's job.. However, you can probably put your mind at ease for just a few dollars: go to the drugstore and get a box of ketone test strips (in the diabetic supplies section).. You dip them in urine (or pee on them), and the color they turn will tell you if you have excessive sugar in your urine (a sign of diabetes) or not.. They cost around $7-8 a box, no prescription needed..

I'll bet you'll find that you're just a normal, healthy, active 16 year old.. But if not, the sooner you find out and start doing something about it the better.. Best wishes..Health Question & Answer

I think it's obvious your a male because you are in Men's health.. But I think they usually find diabetes when you're younger, when's the last time you went to the doctor.. The only symptoms you have are fatigue and thirst.. I think your doctor wouldn't be troubled if you went in.. also you can take this online test in my sources..Health Question & Answer

Another symptom of diabetes is frequent urination and numbess in the tips of your fingers.. Do you get that too.?

I think you should see a doctor just in case.. Even if it's not diabetes it could be something else, right.?Health Question & Answer

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