Do condoms have an expiration date???!

Question: Do condoms have an expiration date.?.?.?
i got one in my wallet.... its been in there for a while but im not completely sure if they go "out of date" or anything like that.. 10 points asapHealth Question & Answer

Over time their quality does deteriorate but unless you've had it for years I wouldn't worry.. Of course, it is always better to be safe than sorry.. Perhaps bin that one and get a new one to make sure..Health Question & Answer

Condoms that have been in your wallet for a while are in close proximity to your body head.. Heat accelerates the breakdown of the latex.. You wouldn't want to leave a pack of condoms in your glove compartment, either..

But even when stored at room temperature, yes, condoms do begin to deteriorate.. Some brands of condoms stamp their "use by" date on each foil packet and some put the date only on the box.. Be aware of the date and if you want to be safe, toss them out if the date rolls around and they're still sitting there..

And toss out the one in your wallet and replace it with a fresher one..Health Question & Answer

If in doubt, BUY NEW.. It's worth the $10 if you want to avoid the expense of babies and/or disease!

"Condoms do have a shelf-life, which is greatly affected by how the condom is stored.. Condoms must be kept in a stable temperature (not too hot, not too cold) where they're not exposed to sharp edges, pressure or friction, which can puncture or weaken the latex..

Wallets are the wrong place for condoms for all of those reasons.. If you keep your wallet in your back pocket, like most guys, you're sitting on the condom all day long.. That means lots of heat and pressure.. A condom's life span in a glove compartment or a wallet is about two weeks..

The best place to keep condoms is in a medicine cabinet or a drawer in your bathroom or bedroom.. Stored properly, condoms are usable "UP TO FOUR YEARS" after the date of manufacture, which is usually stamped on the box (look for the letters MFG).. Be careful when checking these dates! Some condoms are marked EXP, which stands for expiration date.. That means the condom should not be used after the date stamped.. When in doubt, buy a new box.. Spending $10 on new condoms is a lot less nerve-wracking than worrying about breakage in the heat of the moment.."
I'm passing on a Smarter Sex website.. It's a good idea to read over.. also including my source on how long it lasts..Health Question & Answer

Yes they do.. Always use a new one, and dont keep them in your wallet, that could damage the wrapping and the condom, leading to babies: not good.. just keep some in a place that you know that is safe keepings, and take one with you when you think you might need it at all.. Worst comes to worst hit up a 7-11Health Question & Answer

usually about 5 years from the date of manufacture.. but this is affected by things like heat etc.. they generally recommend a cool dry place to store the unused condoms until they are ready for use otherwise it will shorten the shelf life of the condomsHealth Question & Answer

Pre-lubricated condoms have an expiration date.. Non-lubricated ones have a manufacture date (goof for three years if stored in a cool, dry place)..

Throw it away if it has been in your wallet..Health Question & Answer

yes they do have one.. make sure to check it, because if this date is past, you are taking a chance of it not being effective..Health Question & Answer

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1-3 year is sure than 5 year, keep far from sun ligh..

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and apparently keeping them in your wallet where it get rather hot from being in your pocket can make them not as effective toHealth Question & Answer

Yes, usually four to six years from manufacture date..Health Question & Answer

if its been in your wallet for that long why bother
just go on doing what you have been doing
your not going to go blind or anything
Health Question & Answer

Yep mate what about that movie grease riso got pregnant cos the condom broke cos it was old and out of dateHealth Question & Answer

yes, the use by date should be on the packet.. They usually last a while though don't use it if its out of date!Health Question & Answer

Yeah they do, they usually say on the wrapperHealth Question & Answer


Yes..Health Question & Answer

if you'r a guy that cant get laid within 5 years - and used a comdom yeah - u might have a little to worry......Health Question & Answer

you wouldnt have to use it if you controlled your selfHealth Question & Answer

yes you might want to replace every now and thenHealth Question & Answer

yeah but it takes about 5 yearsHealth Question & Answer

yes they do but they last a long timeHealth Question & Answer

yessHealth Question & Answer

yes they do......they get dry and brittle....Health Question & Answer

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