Can an 80 year old get an erection without Viagra?!

Question: Can an 80 year old get an erection without Viagra.?
It's not very common, but it is possible..Health Question & Answer

yes.. but scientifically he would, without a doubt be bald.. I am not making that up, the huge amount of testosterone needed at an early age to produce a long enough sex drive to sustain an erection at such a late age would mean he would of started losing hair at the age of 17.. if he is not bald, pull out the pills..Health Question & Answer

Sure he can, some of those old bucks have more staying power than the studs you think are all that and a bag of chips......most of the time
they are all talk and no action, he said....i thought....gee whiz

Now the old guy a man of little words, who needs words when with the old buck ya get action.. its not what you have, its how you use it..........Old guys rockHealth Question & Answer

It all depends on the persons lifestyle.. Note that many medications have erectile disfunction as side effect..

I'm sure it's possible when you exercise all your life and eat very healthy.. Just look at Jack Lalanne.. He is 95 years old and is still running and doing push-ups!Health Question & Answer

if the individual is healthy and horny, then yes, he will get an erection without Viagra.. Health Question & Answer

LOL JT's answer

Yea its possible

If he's healthy and outgoin then sure why not

But why would YOU need to know.?.?.?.?.?.?.?!.?!.?!.?.?.?.?.?

I dont like where this is going........ its not good to lose your v-card with old menHealth Question & Answer


Possibly, but I wouldn't suggest having sex at such an age......I mean, the heart rate shoots up so that might not be good for himHealth Question & Answer

yes.. They can.. It not impossible, but Viagra would help most older men.. Health Question & Answer

Probably not..Health Question & Answer

sure some can.. viagra hasnt always been around..Health Question & Answer

did he ask his dr...? i have heart decease too and i use to take it, just ask the dr.. for a low dose..Health Question & Answer

My grandpa can and he's 79..

Weird, I know.. He was asking for porn so that's how I know......Health Question & Answer

Of course he can and several times a day
Health Question & Answer

Sure just smack it around a little..Health Question & Answer

it is possible.. But more then likely no..
We cant second guess things like this!Health Question & Answer

yes it happens every day girl friend!Health Question & Answer

eeeeiw............WHYHealth Question & Answer

ask John McCainHealth Question & Answer

I agree with kooky jane on this one!!Health Question & Answer

why are you asking this its grossHealth Question & Answer

ya should it will take a wile but ya he canHealth Question & Answer

Um....why would you want to know.?Health Question & Answer

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