Why do I feel so tired after ejaculation?!

Question: Why do I feel so tired after ejaculation.?
like after i ejaculate I cant seem to focus on anything... Sometimes I almost fall asleep right after the ejaculation, and I find myself sitting with my eyes closed and then I kinda suddenly wake up and for a second I forget where I am and what time it is! :P It's really weird! Is this normal, and why does it happen.?Health Question & Answer

Not only is this a natural occurrence, it is to be expected. When you masturbate, you build up tension in your muscles with an extra burst of strength right before ejaculation. It will make you tired. On top of that, you relieve stress and things like that when you jack off. That is why the majority of men and boys who masturbate also do it at night right before bed. It's like a natural sleep enhancement. I hope that helps, and if you have any other questions or just need to talk to somebody, feel free to email or IM me and I will get back to you ASAP.
Grace and Peace,
David-TaylorHealth Question & Answer

Feeling tired after ejaculation is a pretty normal thing. When you experience an orgasm, it not something that has to do only with your penis. Actually at the moment of climax, muscles from the whole body contract and twitch, from your face muscles to those in your toes.

Because an ejaculation is tiring process, it is the body's natural mechanism to fall into sleep afterwards in order to recover from the strenuous activity.

The not being able to "focus on anything" afterwards, I'm not too sure of, but if you ejaculate just before going to bed, this won't be a problem to you!

I almost always ejaculate at night, because it allows me to really enjoy the afterglow and fall naturally into a good sleep. Nothing better than dozing off naturally after an ejaculation!Health Question & Answer

Actually.. that's normal for anyone after orgasm.
Happens to me too, sometimes i'm afraid i'll
fall asleep and someone will come in my
room and see me lying there half naked.
It actually has happened where i do fall
asleep and wake up hoping that no one saw.
Now i masturbate in the shower, that way
i tend not to fall asleep. It's normal, don't
worry. I swear to you, your fine. Health Question & Answer

well the sleepy thing is normal but im not sure abotu the waking up and not knowing what time it is or where you are.... as the last poster said, when you are masterbating your adriniline goes up and your heart beats because your excited. but after the 5-20 second orgasm comes you feel tired like you did alot of workHealth Question & Answer

lol happens to the best of us kid, it's the male way of signaling to females that we're done and it's time to get a beer out of the fridge for usHealth Question & Answer

Well, it makes your heart beat very fast and your adrenaline goes up. After ejaculation, your adrenaline goes back down, causing tiredness. It's like you worked hard, now you're tired after working hard.Health Question & Answer

Dude it is normal. did you ever here the saying "women weaken mens legs." that's because masturbating and sex take alot of energy out of you. dont get freaked out about itHealth Question & Answer

Your brain produces chemicals. One of those chemicals is prolactin. When you have intercourse, your brain releases 4 times more than when you masterbate.Health Question & Answer

i was thinking about this movie i saw with this sex scene
the other boleyn girl or something like that
=]Health Question & Answer

It's normal enough....don't play with yourself so much thoughHealth Question & Answer

hahaHealth Question & Answer

i think you should visit the doctors!Health Question & Answer

Thats funnyHealth Question & Answer

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