Why do the pimples on my husband's back smell?!

Question: Why do the pimples on my husband's back smell.?
It was an awful deathly smell that sprang up into my nose just after I popped it. White stuff came out of the zit-like bump. He has gotten it before but not this bad whew! Anyone know what that is.? also, he gets these HUGE blood blisters in between his legs that look like mondo pimples. Sometimes they have lots of white stuff in them and sometimes those are just blood. Keep in mind that this is a different problem but may be linked. He is only 26.Health Question & Answer

That doesn't sound like a pimple. That sounds more like staff infection. Ask your doctor.Health Question & Answer

The 'pimple' you squeezed on your husband's back was, in fact, a blocked sebaceous cyst. The sebaceous gland exudes a little oil to protect the skin from dryness but can become blocked. When they do they still keep producing their sebum, the oil, but the body absorbs the water out of it and the sebum tends to get thicker and more concentrated in the blocked sac. The sac swells. The sebum also gets stronger in odor as it concentrates. When you squeeze the contents it can have a very distinctive and rotting odor. This, believe it or not, is normal for this stuff and accounts for why we smell if we don't have a shower. Keep squeezing the sac as it swells and it may eventually resolve itself otherwise it'll keep swelling and he'll need to have the whole gland removed under an local anaesthetic.

Sorry but I'm not too sure about the one's between legs. But many men can get ingrown hairs in that region especially if his thighs tend to rub together. Health Question & Answer

It's not a pimple, its a sebaceous cyst, which contains blood, water, and white puss, and you'll have to see a doctor to have it lanced and drained. The cyst is actually an infection, and before its lanced, your husband will be given an antibiotic. This is in his system, and will probably reappear in other places during his life.

I have had them behind my ear, on my back, on the bottom of the scrotum, and at the bottom of the back of my neck. If its not lanced and drained they can grow as big as a walnut.

Its not that much of a problem to have it lanced, and it takes about a week to drain completely. But get him to a surgeon and have it lanced.Health Question & Answer

I feel a bit sick.

Change that man's diet to something healthy. Give him a cake of soap so "lint" doesnt get stuck his his puss riddled inner thighs.

Get some pimple cream for those pimples and resist the temtation to pop them. Infected puss does stink.

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Eww nasty husband you got yourself there. (No offence) but just rub to Differin or Proactiv on there! Or go see a doctor to see if its nothing more serious.

I'm no medical expert, but thats what I would do in your situation.Health Question & Answer

i don't think that was a pimple... i believe you popped a boil.. it will most likely return bigger than it was and return quickly... have the doctor lance it the next time it comes up, it will only get bigger...Health Question & Answer

A pimple is a infection and puss smellsHealth Question & Answer

What a GRRRRRRRREAT answer from Eddie R, give him 50 points.
and 2 for me.Health Question & Answer

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