How exactly do I insert My penis into a Girl?!

Question: How exactly do I insert My penis into a Girl.?
i just want to know so i don't mess up of something.Health Question & Answer

Dude, Trust me I was the same its scary and it gets worse just as your away to have sex because you keep thinking if this is right, and stuff like that. There is two ways really..
If your on top just be rough and if your getting into trouble try distracting her by doing something like kissing her or something.
If your not on top and the girl is she is kind of doing everything really.
I dont mean to think im some kind of sex expert since im really not but just do what feels right.Health Question & Answer

Get the mop put it in the bucket lol. Well here is a more detailed version STEP 1 Peel back the foreskin and put lube or spit on the penis gland then put on a condom.

STEP 2 Insert erected ding dong into the area that looks like a vagina (the thing that looks like a vagina is a vagina) shove it in and move it about backwards,forwards.other than shovin it in the hole there is no other way to do that i'm aware of also watch some porn and see how they do it that's better than reading about it because it gives you a visual demonstration!Health Question & Answer

If she is wet and moist enough take your stiff penis and slowly start from the top of her vagina and slide down until you feel the opening in her clit and gently slip it into her. Some women will help you get it in. Make sure her juices are flowing and ready for you. If she spreads her legs it will help. Health Question & Answer

It's not hard (well it should be, but you get what I mean) but anyway, you should be wearing a condom. She'll climb on top of you and then it should slip right in. There isn't much chance of you missing, but you might need to hold it as it goes in if your quite, err, big.Health Question & Answer

well there is a hole all the way in the bottom make sure it is not the butt I haven't done it but I do it myself just watch pornHealth Question & Answer

Put your wang at the bottom of her tra la la (if she's laying on her back) and slowly drag it upward; that bad boy will slide right in. Health Question & Answer

If you don't know....then you should not be doing itHealth Question & Answer

ahahahaahahahahaHealth Question & Answer

Use you head.Health Question & Answer

You let her help you with that part of the gameHealth Question & Answer

you lay down and tell her to go on topHealth Question & Answer

lol, how old are you.?Health Question & Answer

yeah watch porn m8 that can give u more ideas about what holes u can put it inHealth Question & Answer

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