Why can't gallstones be "blasted" with sonic waves (lithroscopy) like kidney stones?!

Question: Why can't gallstones be "blasted" with sonic waves (lithroscopy) like kidney stones.?
Many docs don't blast gallstones because by the time they show up with symptoms they're usually too big to respond to ultrasonic sound waves.
The flow out of the kidneys is much more than the sluggish intermittent flow from the gall bladder. Kidney stones are usually much smaller when they give symptoms and can more readily be treated this way so they can be flushed out with the kidney's higher flows.
Gall bladders tend to contract pumping bile into the small intestines only after a meal is taken in. It stops contracting when the last of the meal has left the stomach. Not much flushing happens even when it is contracting in response to food leaving the stomach.

There is also the difference in the make up of the two stones. Gall stones are made from cholesterol and tend to absorb the shock waves more easily while kidney stones are made up more from urine salts and are harder and don't absorb the shock waves but tend to be broken up by them.
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Gallstones are normally not brittle crystals like one may have in kidneys. Ultrasound would not affect them. There are some drugs, if taken for a long period that could slowly reduce the size of the gallstones so that they may be excreted through the normal channels.Health Question & Answer

I have had both. I asked the same question to my Dr. Basically as I understood it was this.Lithotripsy just softens the stone so it can be passed. It doesn't "blast" them. If you tried it with the gall stones, how would you remove them from the body.? Health Question & Answer

It might get into other complications.....Health Question & Answer

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