Can u give me a list of legal drugs doses and effects?!

Question: Can u give me a list of legal drugs doses and effects.?
can u give me a list of legal drugs doses and effects.?
what they are. what do they do .? and where do you get it.?
(this question is for research towards a report im working on for my university.) (the information you share will not be used for recreationally)Health Question & Answer

I used 300mg of 5HTP (legal, at your local health food store) at once (3 pills of 100mg) and I got so high I was flying as a kite. (I used Natrol brand, not sure if it makes a difference, and without any other active ingredients). It's for depression.
After several hours I couldn't stop laughing and being happy and I thought "It's not normal to be this happy over nothing" so I stopped and didn't try this high dosage again.Health Question & Answer

Salvia - makes you trip out for like 5 mins, you smoke it like weed, and you can get it at local markets or order it online.

Poppers - Makes you trip for like 30 secs, you sniff it out a bottle, u can get it quite a few places

Apparently dried out banana skins when smoked, get u high, but it is just a myth.

Nutmeg - gets u high, smoke it, get it at a supermarket

Pure caffeine powder - order it online, it makes you feel more alive and awareHealth Question & Answer

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