Need some info on some weird drug that I took (Indian origins I guess)?!

Question: Need some info on some weird drug that I took (Indian origins I guess).?
Hmm, this is a rather strange question I guess - but here goes. My mate (who is Indian) bought this thing round to our house which was a leaf wrapped into a triangular shape which you were supposed to take a bite out of and chew on for a while - then spit out. The leaf was full of these little short, thin cylindrical things of a brown-ish colour. It tasted slightly minty but also kind of burnt my throat a bit.

After chewing on it for a bit it went straight to my head and just gave me a really high feeling. Made me quite giddy and lose my sense of balance for a while and wore off about 10 minutes later. All-in-all a pretty decent high.

Just wondering if anyone knew what it actually was. I.e., what it's called, what it contains, if it's legal etc. I asked my friend about it and he just said "I dunno, my dad does it all the time".

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Its not a drug. Its a snack which you usually chew on after having lunch.

Its called Paan and Betel Nut.

The betel nut was cut up into smaller peices so you can chew it.

It is legal as it is not a drug. The rush you felt was because you swallowed some of the juice.

"The active compounds in betel nut act as a mild stimulant. The effects include increased alertness, greater energy, reduced fatigue, talkativeness and excitability. Some users also report euphoric feelings.Side effects include perspiration and increased salivation. Betel chewing tends to stain lips and teeth reddish-black."Health Question & Answer

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if it was wrapped in a leaf, its sould like it could have been Paan (i'm not sure of the spelling). its usually eaten after a meal to clear the pallete. usually it consists of seed and herbs, should be nothing harmful. they sell them at asian shops.Health Question & Answer

Miss Terious is probably right. Betel nut is a drug, see the wikipedia page attached.Health Question & Answer Question & Answer

Its called paan heres what is is

hahahaha you should sell it and call it peter paan lolHealth Question & Answer Question & Answer

lol this sounds crazy!! some kinda wicked indian jungle drug haha....try looking on try and get a picture and ask them what it is, think they might have a forum...Health Question & Answer

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