I'm doing salvia with my friend tomorrow for the first time?!

Question: I'm doing salvia with my friend tomorrow for the first time.?
Does it still work if you do it more than once that same day/night.?Health Question & Answer

Yes, but in my experience, I didn't get the same intensity after the first time in the evening. I hope you both know not to do it as the same time - it is unsafe for both of you to be tripping balls (and possibly into furniture or out windows) at the same time. When my boyfriend and I have done it in the past, one of us does it and trips, then about an hour later the other one does it. This has worked really well, for my boyfriend (and many others) seems to decide that he NEEDS to be walking around. Definitely not safe. But do enjoy.Health Question & Answer

It may or may not. Salvia is very tricky. Please be safe while doing it.

www.erowid.org can tell you a lot about Salvia, including other people's experiences.Health Question & Answer

Makes no difference. Just get real strong extract. The one i use is shamanic from http://www.salviasociety.org i learnt about them from the local newspaper. they are vegas based.Health Question & Answer

ur doing SALIVA with ur friend.?!.?!.?!Health Question & Answer

"ur doing SALIVA with ur friend.?!.?!.?!"
*Look at me, I am making a pun*Health Question & Answer

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