Are there any safe OTC meds for a 6 week old?!

Question: Are there any safe OTC meds for a 6 week old.?
my 6 week old son has a cold and is congested. the doctors keep saying to let him sit in the room under the humidifier but that's not working. I've even put Vick's rub on his chest, under his nose, and bottom of his feet, no help.
He's congested, has a runny nose, and coughing.
I feel so sorry for the little guy!Health Question & Answer

NO do not give Cold med to a 6 week old. The Vick's won't help either.It is best to let it run it course. Cold medicines actually make it worse some times and cause them to not rest.

If he has a fever.... ONLY a little infants Tylenol or Ibuprofen with Dr.s instructions.. There is something called Ocean Spray it's basically Saline ( salt water ) drops. It will help with stuffiness and help open his little nose. The cough is probably from drainage. If he has a fever and cough is not clearing up in a day or so go back to the Dr.

Hope he feels better soon..Health Question & Answer

Mother of 4 grown and Granny of 4Health Question & Answer

no , it is very dangerous to such a llittle child take OTC ,i suggest you take your son to see a acupuncture , it is most quickly and most effect way ,you can learn more .?act=topic&keyword=acupuncture" rel="nofollow"> Question & Answer

I would leave medicating a 6 week old STRICTLY up to my child's pediatrician. There is a bill before congress that may take many children's cold medicines off the market because of so many accidental overdoses.Health Question & Answer

Elderberry. Completely safe. Google it.Health Question & Answer

Saline nasal spray will help and is fine for him. What about Benadryl liquid.? Ask about thatHealth Question & Answer

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