Do ear candles really clean the wax out of your ears?!

Question: Do ear candles really clean the wax out of your ears.?
yes they do I wouldnt have believed it but my son tried it and it worked very wellHealth Question & Answer

they do clean the wax out of your ears. the hollow "candle" is inserted in your ear and it creates a vacuum. the other end is lit and the flame and smoke draws air out along with wax and other debris. You need someone else to do it for you, a friend or a professional. There are a lot of other benefits, but you need to know what you are doing.Health Question & Answer

Yes, absolutely it does work. So does the peroxide and it is cheaper and there is no fire involved.

The over the counter wax removers like debrox are also very good.

Impacted cerumen (ear wax) may require several treatments, or you may need to see an HEENT (Head, ears, eye, nose and throat) specialist.Health Question & Answer

the label on all ear candles clearly states that no wax will come out of your ear attached to the candle. What happens is that the smoke (which is super hot) softens the wax, so that it is easier to remove and will soften even more in the shower.
when you pull the candle out you are not going to pull all the wax out with it.Health Question & Answer

Some people believe that when the wax hardens and you remove it, it pulls all the loose wax from your ears. May or may not work. So, something a little less scientific, you can use hydrogen peroxide but tilting your head to one side and putting a few drops in your ear. Let it bubble for a while then rinse. Do the same for the other side. You can also get a small bottle of wax remover from your local drug store. Does the same thing as proxide.Health Question & Answer

ive heard that those are just gimmicks.. seen it happen on Anthony Bourdain when he went to China.. but it's just a gimmick.. plus the wax in ones ear is really for protection against dirt and other pollutants.. not meant to be removed.. unlike snot in the nose of courseHealth Question & Answer

Hopi Candles act as a vacuum and remove any lumps within the canals. I have proof every time i do someones ears and show them if they want. If wax is "gloopy", however, they may need still syringing. Hope this helps.Health Question & Answer

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