Can a nutritionalist cure my ADD? Or should i just stick to the pills?!

Question: Can a nutritionalist cure my ADD.? Or should i just stick to the pills.?
If a nutritionalist can make my brain work at my full potential i''d be so happy..Is it possible.? Or should i just stick to the pills.?Health Question & Answer

A change in diet can help tremendously, but usually more is needed. Even cutting down on the meds would be helpful. I just went through neurofeedback (the protocol is on and have cut my meds in half, plus my brain works better. It might be covered by insurance. The site lists practitioners in each state.Health Question & Answer

Dr. Barry Sears wrote in his ' THE MIRACLE OF THE NEW HIGH-DOSE FISH OIL ' that young children with severe ADD made complete reversal of behaviour within 3 weeks when treated with high dosage of fish oil (omega 3). The key word is high-dosage. Normal usage is 1 capule twice daily. The standard capule of 1000mg has 300mg of oil (EPA 180mg, DHA 120mg) To be effective, you need to take 3000-5000mg daily in divided doses. In term of number of capules is 10 - 17 capules daily. It is believed that the DHA from the oil helps normalise the functions of the brain which is essentially compsoed of DHA.Health Question & Answer

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No human can cure any thing. Food, herbs, & spices give the body the vitamins and other nutrients needed to keep the body functioning properly. People are not deficient in drugs, which cannot supply these nutrients. Just google herbs that improve brain power & concentration like rhodiola root, rosemary, etc.Health Question & Answer

STOP the pills, to many dangerous side affects, and potential problems.

Omega 3's, and DHA help...lots of fish oil, you can't really take to much.

A diet with only natural sugars (agave, honey's, natural cane, ect.), avoid processed sugar.

and they have recently discovered that a gluten free diet is very helpful.

also go to the local health food store, they are tons of natural products that help keep you focused and calm.

good luckHealth Question & Answer

I saw a documentary on tv bout a school system- not sure in which state, where all junk food was removed. The schools piloted were for special needs- which nowadays means add, ADHD, and all the drama diagnoses assoc with same. Results were astounding: marked reduction in disruptions, grade increases, and improved outlook of students. Absolutely NO processed sugars. Remember that most add drugs are derived from amphetamines, and I believe will result in Biko cardiac as well as CNS problems for the youth of today 20-30 years down the road.
Hope that helps.Health Question & Answer

I am in medicine x18 yearsHealth Question & Answer

Correct Dietary Habits,

Are The Best Nutritionists.

Textbook of Physiological Biochemistry
will help you greatly.

Then, search the food chain, for pure ingredients; and incorporate them into your daily diet, as staple foods. Question & Answer

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