How can I soothe my sore throat?!

Question: How can I soothe my sore throat.?
I've had it for about three~four days now, and it's progressively getting worse. I searched online for some remedies, and apparently gurgling with salt water helps, but I tried that and it just made it a lot worse. Though I might give it another try because I had actually tried gurgling with Listerine first, and I later read that it's not good.

I guess I have a cold, but I don't have much phlegm, though there is still some. I don't know if it's something else, like strep or some other kind of infection. I haven't had a bad "illness" in about two years, tiny bit of sniffles that disappear fast at most. I can't go to the doctor, so I'm desperately hoping that it's something insignificant, though the extreme pain is a bit scary. Every time I swallow is like scraping against a painful sore; it burns and hurts so much. I guess that might be typical, but I don't recall ever having a sore throat so bad that I'm grimacing and bracing myself virtually every swallow.

also, last night I suddenly got a short fever right when I got into bed to sleep. And I've awoken sweating all over for the past two nights.

I'm sorry for writing so much, but I hope the details help. Is there anything I can do that might help.? I feel perfectly normal everywhere else right now - it's just my throat.Health Question & Answer

I'd go for some hard candy, or throat lozenges. I know that when my throat is sore and I don't want to swallow, sucking on something helps. It can coat the back of your throat with a bit of a protective coating, to make the times that you have to swallow a bit easier, and the pain itself a bit more tolerable.

Definitely make sure to keep up on your liquids. If you don't drink enough, it'll dry out your throat, and then you'll be coughing violently in addition to the sore throat. And if you thought the sore throat itself was bad, the coughing will make you want to die.

If it continues, and neither the tea mentioned before, or the lozenges help, I would try some bed-rest and maybe a liquid diet. Soups, maybe some very soft bread.? Just make sure you eat something, we don't want you getting malnourished!Health Question & Answer

You definitely have a respiratory tract infection. You can work on the symptoms but soothing your sore throat and killing the fever with aspirin but you need to address the infection, too. I try to avoid anti-biotics unless I really need them. Instead, for respiratory infections, I first opt for lots of water and extra rest, vitamin C, and an herbal supplement like echinacea-golden seal or astragalus.Health Question & Answer

What flickert said. Hot tea with honey and lemon helps. A mild over the counter pain reliever like aspirin or tylenol can help as can throat sprays or drops that numb.

Repeatedly waking up with night sweats isn't good though, I would encourage you to see a physician.Health Question & Answer

You need hot green tea with honey and lemon. That will help a little but you need to go to the doc to make sure you don't have strep throat. The only thing that will help with that is antibiotics.Health Question & Answer

I would take wild oil of oregano from the health food store - 2-4 drops every 2 hours - works great for me. Give it a day or 2 to really work and kill your infection.Health Question & Answer

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