Home remedies that CURE and prevent UTI?!

Question: Home remedies that CURE and prevent UTI.?
I'm looking for home remedies that get rid of uti's. i don't have money to go to the doctor and i'd rather treat things w/out medicines. i know cranberry juice helps but does it actually make it go away.? I have AZO Standard Max Strength right now and im drinking cranberry juice like crazy. please help.

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Go to whole foods market and buy the Lakewood brand pure organic cranberry juice. Drink the entire bottle within 48 hours. Your UTI will be gone.
Use it once a month to prevent it.
Trust me. It works very well, and in a natural way. This stuff flys off the shelves.Health Question & Answer

dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water. drink one glass every hour, and in between drink MANY glasses of regular water and straight cranberry juice, which you can find at health stores. don't drink the cranberry cocktails, there's too much sugar. cranberry juice is the pure juice, not from concentrate, and doesn't contain sugar.

also, many people get rid of their UTIs without the need for a doctor. ive found garlic pills help, for garlic is a natural anti-biotic.

you can also visit a Chinese Herbal medicine shop, and have them give you herbal complexes that you can make tea from or herbal pills that will get rid of it.Health Question & Answer

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Cranberry juice helps but I've only had success with the "real" stuff... like the Lakewood stuff one person mentioned. You need to look for 100% unsweetened cranberry juice, not cocktail. The only ingredient on the label should be cranberry juice. It is a good bit more expensive than the cocktail type juice... it runs me about $7.99 at the grocery store I shop at.

Personally I have had much more success with that type of juice than the pills, if you have trouble with the flavor, this may sound weird but I drink it in shots. Yes, with a shot glass. I have some other drink to sip right after to get the flavor out of my mouth as soon as possible.

Of course, if your UTI is bad enough that you feel really sick or it doesn't start getting better in a day or so make sure to get to the doctor. Cranberry juice can't cure everything.Health Question & Answer

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There is no home remedy that cures a urinary infection once you have it. No water, no baking soda, no vinegar. Those things can help with some of the burning symptoms, but you need to see your doctor immediately and get the proper antibiotic treatment.

Cranberry juice is easy to get, but looses its effectiveness the longer it sits on the shelf, and you need to drink it twice a day as a preventative measure, or take some cranberry pills that have the same amount of active ingredient (I take Theracran). Some people also can't have the sugar in the juice because of candida, diabetes, or other health issues.

The best "treatment" for urinary infections is prevention. Good hygeine, and good cranberries are a sure-fire way to stay clear of UTIs.

If you wait to see the doctor, you're just risking kidney infection and a trip to the hospital.Health Question & Answer

http://yournaturalhomeremedies.blogspot....Health Question & Answer

This is coming from someone that suffered from UTI all the time and believe me everytime I would go to the doctor it was the same thing. They are over prescribing antibiotics and soon none of them work on you.

Ok first is Colloidal Silver- a natural antibiotic that wil knock that infection right out. Second is pure cranberry drops or cranberry tablets. Why instead of juice.? because the bacteria in those infection will feast off the sugars and make it worse.

You can find lower sugar cranberry juice and that will be fine, but will take longer.

Keep flushing out your body with plenty of water and such. Keep an eye on any sudden side or back pain with fever as this means it has hit the kidneys. AZo is also great for the pain.Health Question & Answer

there are lots of reasons that cause UTI's, could be hygiene problems and sexually-transmitted diseases (STD's). For UTI's in female, feminine wash may help, clean your genitalia often especially after urination or defecation. Wipes and water is not enough, use bactericidal soap. In addition, coconut juice is branded as diuretics, that is, it induced frequent urination so drink a lot to cleanse your urethra. For STD's, seek a gynecologist. There is no home remedies for this diseases.Health Question & Answer

cranberry juice will eventually make it go away. it flushes out your system. just drink a ton of that. the more fluids the better. drink water too. other than that i don't know of anything else.

if it doesn't go away in a week i would seriously go to the doctor and just have them bill you because if you let that go it could cause a lot of other problems and possibly lead to infertility.Health Question & Answer

Curing a UTI straight answers:
A lot of water and cranberry pills. Cranberry Juice just fills you up and has a lot of sugar in some.

For the pain:
A heating pad on bladder area helps a lot and also decreases the need to pee. I use ThermalOn pads (the ones you use for back or shoulder pain) its good when you don't want to be home in bed.

Preventing: Make sure you drink water everyday.Health Question & Answer

You cannot cure a UTI at home. You need antibiotics.You can prevent them by cranberry juice and pills. If you don't go to the doctor it will turn into a kidney infection and it can turn into sepsis from there. SEE A DOCTOR!Health Question & Answer

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Go to the doctor.Health Question & Answer

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