Serious Acne issue??!

Question: Serious Acne issue.?.?
I recently got acne during the summer....i never had a severe case like this. However, i put on after shave creme before I sleep and what do you know it got a little better and now it is worse. Is there any alternative to this issue of ACNE.?.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

Hi John X
Let The King give you royal advice:

The secret to lower or even cure acne issues:
drink more water
Stay away from soda
and greasy foods!
Chocolate unfortunately could be a reason!
Did you know it could also have to do with your bowel movements and built up fecal matter as the body finds desperate ways to get rid of it through the skin (face and etc!) Do you have regular BM's.?.? If you don't, It could very well be a reason.
People wouldn't believe how sucessful this cures acne problems!!
You should BM twice a day. and your stoool should be rather large and shape like the intestines. (Sorry for being too abrupt but these are serious matters that we humans ignore or seem to not educate ourselves on)
If this doesn't fit your BM's description I suggest taking fiber or dulcolax!!

This is very true! you need to considered these parameters!
Try this before taking medicine!! I don't believe in medicine!! We already have natural and cheap ways to achieve success!

how to "correctly" wash your face!
1.) take a warm rag and wipe your face gently
2.) take NON scented soap (dove, ivory, preferably natural soaps)
3.) lather it up with a soapy warm drenched rag and scrub mildy
4.) Rinse with your hands and/or rag.
5.) take the hot rag and wipe face (this is kind of like a 2nd rinse)
6.) pat dry (don't WIPE!!) with a clean dry towel
7.) maybe use a NATURAL moisturizer for the face (I use cocoa butter)

I'm in my 20's and I've "had" some terrible pimples!!

but now, its nice and clear, every since I've followed these simple and easy steps!! I haven't ever seen any dermatologist, thank god, but at least try this before you jump the gun!!

you can refer to my 360 for reference.Health Question & Answer

Believe me, I wrote the book on acne, I had it soooo bad when I was young. I have tried everything and my recommendation is this:

Cleanse with a very gentle cleanser like Cetaphil, morning and night.
Use Retin-A on your acne at night. (doctor's prescription)
In the morning, if your skin is not too sensitive, use a moisturiser with an AHA built in.
Follow that with a 30+ sunscreen.

The reason your face got better with the aftershave is that it probably has an antiseptic in it and killed off some of the bacteria, but it also dried the surface layer of your skin, causing the infection and dirt in your pores to become trapped there. You need to keep your skin moist but exfoliated with the AHA cream and Retin-A (no scrubbing if you have blemishes with pus). Good luck, I feel for you. If it is any consolation, I am now 50 and I have the best skin of anyone I know and am often mistaken for 35. Oil is good.Health Question & Answer

You need a dermatologist. I don't care how severe it is but if it is severe in any case go to a dermatologist. I don't want people to go through what I did for several years. I had very bad acne and the last thing I could do was acutane which worked wonders. :) Don't mess around with your acne. Get your face help now. lolHealth Question & Answer

Shaving cream is not really a source for help. If it is as severe as it sounds, see a dermatologist. Because chances are if it just appeared almost overnight it was a reaction to something you ate. Research your type of acne. Dont waste money or time on otc products. go see dermatologist.Health Question & Answer

Eryacne is good topical gel - works really, really good, but I believe it's prescription only. You should buy it - stings a little but works overnight.Health Question & Answer

use benzoyl peroxide 5% gel over-the-counter.Health Question & Answer

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