Does your blood sugar ever yo-yo throughout the day sometimes? Why would this happen?!

Question: Does your blood sugar ever yo-yo throughout the day sometimes.? Why would this happen.?
Mine yo-yo's all the time but I've got other things going on.

Depends on how much of a yo-yo, and how often, and duration. also any triggers that sort of thin. Take the to you doctor and advise him/her that you are concerned.

Here are some to Diabetic info that may help you to rest while waiting to see the doctor.

Are you at risk.? :

Just Diagnosed:

Cheers and best of luck with that.

You should also ask your doc about setting you up with an Endocrinologist and have them handle you Diabetes.Health Question & Answer

Blood sugar levels vary throughout the day for everyone. When you eat, the glucose goes into your blood stream where it is used up by your body. So, right after you eat your sugar levels are higher than they are if you haven't eaten in a while. Then you eat and they go back up and the glucose starts being used again. It's a big cycle.Health Question & Answer

Every ones blood sugar varies throughout the day, depending on what has been eaten and the amount of exercise taken. also factors such as illness can also affect blood levels as well as stress. Hope this helpsHealth Question & Answer

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