How do you treat a stomach virus? How long will it last?!

Question: How do you treat a stomach virus.? How long will it last.?
So far I have been sleeping, drinking ginger ale and eating crackers. The fever and vomiting is gone but now I have other issues. How long does this last.?Health Question & Answer

It's depends but usually between 24 to 48 hours. If symptoms persist go to the ER as you may get dehydrated. This is the worst virus ever isn't it.? I hope you feel better!!!Health Question & Answer

Ginger is a natural antibiotic, but you won't get much of it drinking ginger ale. Make yourself some ginger tea by pouring boiled water over grated fresh ginger, strain, and drink. You can add honey if you like. It also works wonders for colds and flu.Health Question & Answer

It's different for all people. I had it for 4 days. You doing all the right things.Health Question & Answer

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