Can u get genital warts without having any kind of sex?!

Question: Can u get genital warts without having any kind of sex.?
if yes how can u get it and it is the same as the one that u get by having sex.?Health Question & Answer

Yes. if you touch someones warts who is infected, or your clothes do. Then it is possible that you could contract it as well. It's slim though.

If you were to touch someones warts with your hand, then masturbate without washing your hands, you could contract it.Health Question & Answer

yes you get them when having sex with someone who is infected or just by having skin to skin contact with them. and it is the same as the ones you get by having sex.Health Question & Answer

you can get it if someone gave you oral sex and they had mouth herpesHealth Question & Answer

i dont think you can get it without any sexual contact :SHealth Question & Answer

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