What should i do when someone gets low blood sugar?!

Question: What should i do when someone gets low blood sugar.?
If someone has like type 1 diabetes, and [i barely get it. is it bad so have low AND high blood sugar.? or just low .?]

what should i do if it gets too high or too low.?
Thanks!Health Question & Answer

Yes, both too-high and too-low blood glucose are bad. If it's too high, it's causing cellular damage which could lead to long-term complications. If it's too low, that's an immediate problem which can produce symptoms similar to drunkenness (cognitive impairment, loss of motor control, passing out, etc.).

If the person's blood sugar is too high, they should know what to do. In the case of type 1 diabetes, that will generally mean taking an insulin injection. However, unless they have discussed with you thoroughly how to determine the amount of insulin to administer (as well as the mechanics of performing the injection) you should not take any action beyond encouraging them to take their insulin. Figuring out the correct dose can be tricky (aside from their glucose level, they also need to consider what they've eaten, any exercise they've done, and any insulin they've taken within the last few hours) and, if you give too much, it will lead to potentially-severe hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). People with high blood sugar are typically still able to think clearly, so they should be able to work out the right dose and administer it themselves.

If their blood sugar is low, on the other hand, they may not be able to figure out what to do on their own because their brain can't function properly without sufficient glucose available. If they're conscious, but not able to decide what action to take, give them something sugary, but with little or no fat or protein in it (hard candies, non-diet soda, plain sugar, or glucose tablets are good; chocolate is not). Ideally, you would want to provide 15-20 grams of sugars (check the nutrition label to determine how much that is). Wait 15-20 minutes and re-test their blood glucose level, giving another 15-20g sugars and repeating until it comes up to normal levels.

If they are not conscious, regardless of whether high or low, call an ambulance and do not attempt to feed them or otherwise treat them yourself unless they have a glucagon kit and you have been trained to use it.Health Question & Answer

low sugar level:

half a can of soft drink or
a handfull of jellybeans or
2 teaspoons of sugar

wait afew mins and check their blood sugar levels again. if they are still low, feed them another item from the list above.

some people react differently to different foods. i find that lemonade works perfectly for when im having a hypo (hypoglacaemia) (low blood sugar)

High sugar level:

insulin! :DHealth Question & Answer

Give them a little juice if it goes too low or a hard candy. If it goes too high, they must take their medication/insulin.Health Question & Answer

eat fruit
that helps
Hope i helpedHealth Question & Answer

low just a sugar cube will do
high u got to give him some syringe medicineHealth Question & Answer

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