Is this an allergic reaction ?!

Question: Is this an allergic reaction .?
I had 2 spots and they went really red so i steamed my face and used alot of toothpaste. It got redder and redder. The last batch of toothpaste i used, i left it on overnight. By the morning when i took it off, my whole face was burning and stinging, i felt sick, the spot had gone and massive blotches were left. What happened .?Health Question & Answer

Sounds like you must have slightly scorched and irritated the skin as opposed to an allergic reaction. Toothpaste is meant to be used in your mouth which is slightly tougher then the delicate and soft skin on your face. Use a soothing cream like cold antiseptic cream as this will both soothe and prevent any possible infection from happening to the blotches. They will calm down,

Take this as a lesson - next time use some proper blemish or spot gel which is gentler on the skin and don't do this again.Health Question & Answer

toothpaste yep i use it on my spots over night,not every night 1 a week and use only a small blob, then was it off in he morning. depends how much u used. my advice only put a chidrens tooth paste on such as mik teeth and apply it directly on a spot. if you worried do go to bed with it on just leave it on for a hour or so and rub off with warm water.

are you male or female.? if female and worried about spots go to the doctors you could try dianette which is also a pill.Health Question & Answer

Toothpaste isn't designed to be used, or left on your face. It contains peppermint oil, which is an astringent, so you haven't had an allergic reaction, you've just irritated your skin. Steaming before just made your skin even more sensitive. My advice.? don't do it again!Health Question & Answer

sounds like an allergic reaction, but why were you putting toothpaste on your face.? did u eat something, or used something on your face.? you better get to a healthcare facility asap before it worsens.Health Question & Answer

Toothpaste is for the hard enamel on teeth, should never be used on the face. You will have to wait until it settles down. Don't do it again.Health Question & Answer

dont use steamer or toothpaste. duh.
ur probably allergic to toothpaste. or somethingHealth Question & Answer

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