Strange red, swollen marks on my 4-year-old's palms?!

Question: Strange red, swollen marks on my 4-year-old's palms.?
Hello. Yesterday my 4 year old was out in back with my hubby. They were chopping up an old wooden table to use as firewood. My daughter was helping by taking the pieces of the wood table to the fire pit (not lit). In the middle of the night she awoke saying her hands hurt. This morning when she got up I noticed red marks on both palms and both hands/fingers swollen and very swollen. Could she have been bitten by a bug or spider living in the wood.? She has a couple of splinters but those areas are not as red or swollen. Any suggestions.? Thank you!Health Question & Answer

im only 12 but ive been to several emergency rooms bcuz of this. but don't worry she'll b ok. she probably has hives from something outside she is allergic to maybe she was allergic to the wood that she touched with her hands. don't forget to consult your docter, but in the meantime keep checking on her and rub her down with a CHILDPROOF cream if she is itchy or irritated, and a cold compress will stop her from scratching by soothing the areas. hope i helped!Health Question & Answer

The fact that both hands are reacting the exact same way would normally rule out some sort of injury - such as splinters or bug bites.

It sounds more like an allergic reaction to something. Could be a poisonous plant like poison ivy or poison oak, or she could have an allergy to something that she touched.

If this swelling doesn't respond to over the counter treatments, or if it gets markedly worse, take her in to the doctor.Health Question & Answer

try putting ice for 15-20 mins. It could be an insect bite/sting.Health Question & Answer

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