Can you pass herpes (HSV1) when you do NOT have an outbreak/coldsore?!

Question: Can you pass herpes (HSV1) when you do NOT have an outbreak/coldsore.?
Yep. Not 100% of the time, though.

There are times when you have the virus on your skin but don't have any symptoms. This is call "asymptomatic viral shedding" and it just means that you are contagious without symptoms. At most,you might be infectious 10% of time when you don't have symptoms, but if you've had herpes for a while, and don't get many outbreaks, the time you are infectious without symptoms is typically much lower.

Great question.Health Question & Answer

My mum gets coldsores and in the 21 years she's been married to my dad, she's never passed the virus on to him because she is careful when she's having an outbreak. She'll do stuff like avoid kissing us and she'll keep her toothbrush separate from ours. As long as you're careful when you're having an outbreak, you won't pass it on. You're fine when you don't have a coldsore, honestly.Health Question & Answer

Unequivocally yes.Health Question & Answer

Yes, it is called asymptomatic viral shedding. It happens all the timeHealth Question & Answer

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