Y is it that we have great technology,cures for very bad diseases but cannot clear the acne on my face?!

Question: Y is it that we have great technology,cures for very bad diseases but cannot clear the acne on my face.?
im 17 male and have bad acne...not sever but i hate it (moderate bad) and i cant stop it but i refuse to Wait it out, my sis all ways tells me that 'there is nothing i can do you have tried everything you just have to Wait till your 22' i will not acceft that what can i do to clear in not including proactiveHealth Question & Answer

I do feel for you!

If you have really tried everything, including prescriptions then for most people the last effort is Accutane. Doctors don't give Accutane unless NOTHING else works. It does work great from what I've heard, but it also has some bad side-effects.

As far as waiting until your are 22, good lucki. Acne can last for much longer! I never, ever had acne until I turned 22 years old, and it came on like a ******* train wreck. I also tried everything and after a few years I found Proactiv and it did work for me, but to this day if I go for a while without using it I break out again.

I am now 34 years old, and it just won't stop.

See your doctor, and see if you can try Accutane, it seems to be the one medication that works for people that have tried everything else. If you have already tried it and it did not work, then hang in there.

I used to write suicide notes because of acne, so I do get it..it ******* sucks!Health Question & Answer

have you tried changing your diet slightly.? have you been to your gp.? at 17 your hormones are all over the place so breakouts will be inevitable.

Keep your skin clean though, and persevere with whatever treatment your doctor gives you, keep returning to your gp if you dont see any improvement.

also, try and relax a little ( i know its hard) and not let it get to you so much, if you are feeling stressed out about it, you probably think it looks ten times worse than it really is. If your sisters and parents had acne, chances are it is a genetic trait that runs in the family, so there is not much else you can do other than take care of yourself and follow your gp's instructions.Health Question & Answer

While you're busy being a hideous, pizza-faced spaz, try learning how to spell some words.

Boo-hoo, you have acne. Let's all forget about curing cancer and focus on this guy's problem...


You'd like to see me say it to you in person.? I'm torn between whether you think I wouldn't, or if you think I should be afraid of a 17 year old kid that cries over acne.Health Question & Answer

i know, u would think after all the things what we have in the world we would have a cure for acne. I dont have acne only a few pimples and i hate it i dont know what its like to have acne but i can imagine what its like. If they did make a cure they would make millions even billions.Health Question & Answer

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Are you actually trying any of the medications.? See a doctor if the usual stuff isn't working.

Your question reminded me of an old feminist one liner that said
"If we can put a man on the moon why can't we put them all there.?"Health Question & Answer

Watch this video and see how it is treated in Japan.

You don't have to move there, they sell a home machine in the United States.

.?v=dxLW-HKgQzU&feature=channel_page" rel="nofollow">http://www.youtube.com/watch.?v=dxLW-HKgQ...

Good Luck!Health Question & Answer

we can't get rid of acne but we can control with constant use of products that control itHealth Question & Answer

accutaneHealth Question & Answer

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