Walk for breast cancer question!!!?!

Question: Walk for breast cancer question!!!.?
okay, so i live in chicago. and im 13. and i want to walk for the cause. my mom said i can with her. and my friends. but all of them seem to 16 years of age or older.. are all of them that way.? or can you please fine one for 13 year olds.?.?.?.? plz help me! that would mean alot!

thanks [:

oh yeah! also you should walk too if ur old enough! its for a great cause!!! check it out!Health Question & Answer

Some of the longer walks such as Avon require that you be a certain age to partiticpate. You might be able to do it if you get a written consent from a parent or guardian who is also walking.

I did the Avon 3 day walk two times, before I got breast cancer. You are right about it being a great cause and you meet some awesome people and hear some very encouraging stories from survivors and how the funds raised are being used.Health Question & Answer

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