I quit smoking 5 days ago and I have started coughing up brown phlegm. ?!

Question: I quit smoking 5 days ago and I have started coughing up brown phlegm. .?
Does anyone know what this is and how long this will last.?
I am not coughing serverly and I am not sore its just when I cough it comes up. I smoked a pack a day for 12 years and I am now 27 years old if that matters.
Please only respond if you know what you are talking about.Health Question & Answer

You will have this for 4-6 weeks. That is why so many people start smoking again in this time. It may get worse over the next week or so and then gradually improve.

Smoking doesn't just put crap into your lungs it also paralyses the hair cells that normally waft dust and smoke out of your lungs. These have now 'woken up' and are working overtime.

Basically you have been putting particles of dust and tar into your lungs and it has had no where to go now it is coming back up.

Stick with it, it's worth it.Health Question & Answer

Your lungs are finally getting a chance to clear themselves properly. Don't worry if your sputum is brown or yellow as that's simply old mucous that's been sitting there for a while.
You did the best thing you could have by stopping.
God bless you.Health Question & Answer

it is perfectly normal. it might even get worse and hurt as it moves from deeper bronchioles. but stick with it. its worth it. im smoke free a year now!Health Question & Answer

Your lungs are cleaning out all of the stuff that was stuck in there . That means the cilia in the lungs are still working . Good luck in quittingHealth Question & Answer

YOUR LUNGS ARE CLEARING ALL THE DEBRIS FROM THEM. this is normal and will clear up pretty soon.

Good Luck

[i quit when the ban came in and never looked back!]Health Question & Answer

its all the cr*p clearing from your lungs persevere and don't give up it will get betterHealth Question & Answer

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