Is it normal to have a fast heart beat?!

Question: Is it normal to have a fast heart beat.?
when your sick with a cold or sinus infection and does not slow down even with beta blockers.?Health Question & Answer

When the cardiologist did every test possible, I hope he did a Thyroid function test also.(T3, T4,TSH), Hyperthyroidism is a common cause for tachycardia. So if it is not done do it immediately.
Do you get this fast heart beats only during anxiety, stress, activity or any illness. Then it may be stress/anxiety related. Have you tried any anti-anxiety drugs. If not it may be tried with the advice of your doctor.Health Question & Answer

Yes, it normal to have a fast heart beat. An average heart beat is from 60-100 heart beats per minute. If you have a fast heart rate, that

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