Gluten-free diet could help migraine sufferers?!

Question: Gluten-free diet could help migraine sufferers.?
what do you think.?Health Question & Answer

I have terrible migraines and I am a celiac. (Ergo I am on a strict gf diet). They were actually BETTER before my diagnosis, strangely enough.
If the migraines are a symptom of celiac or gluten intolerance (as was my brother's) then yes, a gf diet can help relieve some migraines. If gluten has nothing to do with them, then a gf diet will have no effect either way.Health Question & Answer

I don't know about that but what I do know is when I used to get them really bad if I steered clear of dairy for a while that usually helpedHealth Question & Answer

Sometimes.Health Question & Answer

i have a gluten free diet and i have never had a migraine in my life...Health Question & Answer

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