Is it sore opning a cut to get the green ooze out of it?!

Question: Is it sore opning a cut to get the green ooze out of it.?
my dog but me and green ooze is coming out but the cut closing down would it be soreHealth Question & Answer

If there is greenish pus in it you DEFINITELY need to see a doctor to get it lanced and have it checked for infection, especially if it is an animal bite. It will also probably be very painful, and a doctor will give you some local anesthetic before they lance it and this will be done in a sterile environment so you won't end up with more infection afterwards. Call your doctor asap or go to an emergency room.Health Question & Answer

umm put some neosporin on it pronto...after you squeeze it and the stuff comes out...and then see a doctor.

it might hurt.Health Question & Answer

it is infected
go to the doctorHealth Question & Answer

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