What should i eat to become fat and to have a glow healthy skin?!

Question: What should i eat to become fat and to have a glow healthy skin.?
I am 27 years old 5'1 in height but my kilo is only 46. I think this it is not the common or normal for my age.At the same time my lips was always dry, but i always drink water. Please help me with this concern.? Thanks a lot..Health Question & Answer

to be honest, I have the glow healthy skin answer.

I have had acne & skin issues, so thats why I know this & it helped me a lot!

First of all for acne bumps, I put neosporin at night while I sleep & also just any chance I get, i.e. if I'm going to be @ home studying for 5 hours or something.

Most importantly! I drink a shake every day, & I think this helps the most!

I went to target & got my self a blender for like $20.

So I get my blender & mix the following together, & drink the whole thing.

Keep in mind, my shake takes up the entire blending container, so I am drinking as much shake that will actually fit in the blender at once.

So its:

Bok Choy (chinese cabbage)
*1 head of bok choy, 1 bundle of celery & 2 apples & about a cup of water will make your blender full.

That is all the time, every single day.

Now if you can afford it, this is what I do:

Bok Choy
Apples (2 apples usually)
Hazle nuts
Brazil nuts
Flax seed

Its not even expensive, flax seed is $2/bag, brazil & hazle is $5/bag (I go to trader joes/Health food store)

And originally my shake was like this:

Bok Choy
2 apples
& the nuts.

I haven't been putting the endive, escarole, kale lately, cause they sell all that stuff at another store. The one close to my house only has bok choy, celery & apples. But Kale is like sooo important! I read that its really really nutritious for you.

Bottom line, That shake alone is so much responsible for my healthy glow, my fresh face. It has helped me more than any acne medication there is, infact I believe its what stopped me from breaking out. And I'm not saying that it just takes away bumps, it seriously turned my skin from looking like "what ever.." to looking really nice & fresh.

I found that those vegitables are good for your skin by reading a book called "the clear skin prescription" its a famous book, found it at barnes & noble.

& to gain weight, I suggest eating things high in protein like boneless skinless chicken breast, & turkey burgers. that stuff is cheap @ the grocery store. I eat it every day & work out on top of it, & it makes me pretty buff/beefy.

take care dude! good luck!Health Question & Answer

You shouldn't think about making yourself have a glower skin and more weight. Talk to your doctor about it because you can cause harm to yourself like Michael Jackson wanted a lighter skin so he bleached himself everyday and Now it's all gone wrong and its taken over so now his whiteness won't stop. Just like if you binge and eat lots of food you might become obese because you can't stop the habit. Honey don't hurt yourself. =)Health Question & Answer

It is possible to lose weight rapidly but you should be realistic and take on board that if you lose weight rapidly then you will probably put it all back on again just as rapidly. I lost 5 pounds in recent times when I had a special celebration to go to, and I did it by following the tips presented on the web resource in the box below.Health Question & Answer

To add weight, u can take milk and banana together and add cheesy and oily items in your food.

To glow your skin, you need to take fruits and their juices.

take care.Health Question & Answer

bananas, avocado, fish.Health Question & Answer

Increase the size of your meals ensuring that they are still healthy meals.Health Question & Answer

twinkys... it worked for jhon candyHealth Question & Answer

noHealth Question & Answer

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