Why do I feel like this (nauseous) every time I go to a party or something?!

Question: Why do I feel like this (nauseous) every time I go to a party or something.?
Okay so I'm 18 - and uh pretty much this has always happens to me but whenever I go to a kick back or gathering or party with a lot of people I get this really nauseous feeling in my stomach like I'm about to barf- it just feels really uncomfortable!

Even if I'm having a good time I still feel awful ..
I don't drink or smoke-
I've asked around some say this is 'anxiety' so if I get on medication for that, will these feelings go away.? It really sucks cuz I just wanna have a good time!Health Question & Answer

I used to get stomach cramps every day when I had to go to school, especially if there were classes I didn't like or tests. It went away pretty much on its own when I stopped caring about my grades.

Do you feel comfortable (honestly) with those people.? Do you feel that they accept you as you are.? Do you worry about anything (like uncomfortable silences, or what others think of you).? I personally sometimes get terrified of people disliking me, up to the point of getting a funny feeling of having to escape, no matter what, right then and there. It's called "Social Anxiety", having panic attacks when in social situations. You may or may not have it - you need to do tests, talk to doctors to determine what it really is.

Yes, there are drugs that can help with it, but a good psychologist would help too. I wish I could afford one :(

I wish you luck and hope everything turns out fine for you, but don't delay it, because the earlier you start, the less damage it does to you and it's easier to get rid of the anxiety.Health Question & Answer

Wiki, DSM-IV and personal experiencesHealth Question & Answer

Hey there! To me it sounds like nerves. I have anxiety, sometimes you have to take deep breaths try some chamomile tea, ginger biscuits... you don't get at all nervous.? I get like this still just try and relax and let yourself let go a little. :)Health Question & Answer

Personal Experience.Health Question & Answer

Some time a lot of smoke in the room can make some people nauseous. Have you felt any better in partying with people where no one smokes.?Health Question & Answer

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