I'm a heavy smoker, please help!?!

Question: I'm a heavy smoker, please help!.?
I smoke way too much for my own good, and I know it. I'm 22 years old and I smoke around a pack and a half to two packs a day. I have tried to cut back gradually but this just isn't working! Does anybody have a good distraction to keep cigarettes off my mind.?Health Question & Answer

I am sure you have heard of Chantix, my husband and I both had smoked for about 30 years, he was a 2-3 pack a day habit. We decided that it was time to quit and talked to our doctor , he prescribed Chantix and it really did work. I have got to say that you have to have your mind made up to quit or it won't. It has been 1 month and 3 days for us and we have saved about 300 dollars by not buying cigs. Think about how much money you spend a month on them, it was a good incentive for us. Good luckHealth Question & Answer

You need a very strong will power to quit this smoking habit. My brother and cousin are also faced the same problems but they are able to quit this habit. You need some one who can give you morally support . Apart from this you may also need consultancy from a doctor because if u try to quit , it will impact to your body who is habitual of smoking.
If you decide with strong will power , you can get rid . Just make the target and you will be be able to get rid of it successfully. In case you need any guidance can contact me thru yahoo.Best of luck.Health Question & Answer

Sorry...can't help.

I was exactly the same for about 20 years. At least 40 cigs a day.

Then I stopped, cold turkey.

And the only reason I stopped was MONEY...nothing else, not health or any other reason...it just was costing me too much...sometimes more than $250 a week.

That is what shocked me out of smoking...you need to find what shocks you.Health Question & Answer

I guess you can start trying to Quit, before you know it, you'll have cancer and die. Cigarette companies get rich, you die.
Smoking= death. That's the truth, now do something about it!Health Question & Answer

maybe you cold try those gums that are sold to help you quit.? find a hobby.? call a hotline.?Health Question & Answer

Nicotine gum...nicotine patch (from your doctor) ...the new TAXES on smokes!!!

These things might help you quit!Health Question & Answer

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