Salmonella in pistachios?!

Question: Salmonella in pistachios.?
I just ate some pistachios a couple of minutes ago and I stopped because I started getting a headache. I told my sister about it and she told me about the salmonella outbreak just right after I ate it! She told my dad not to eat and knew it was dangerous, and just left it there on the counter and didn't throw it away... Argh! Darn her.

Well anyways, is something bad gonna happen to me.? I do feel kinda woozy...Health Question & Answer

Relax, it is not as lethal as e.coil, though it could last up to a week. It can cause diarrhea, vomiting, headache, nausea and fatigue, just drink LOTS of water, because vomiting and diarrhea can cause dehydration. Oh and eat healthy foods to keep immune system strong.

food poisoning symptoms usually start within 15 minutes of ingestion, sounds like you might be fine.Health Question & Answer

If it becomes any worse then that, you may need to phone a doctor as a just in case. I mean I am no doctor, so yeah, there's is nothing wrong with being extra safe.Health Question & Answer

The symptoms of Salmonella are never that quick to appear. Like someone said, check the brand .?p=2400:1202:1741123311726908::NO::F2400_P1202_CHECK_DISPLAY,F2400_P1202_PUB_MAIL_ID:X,76863" rel="nofollow">

I wouldn't be too concerned.Health Question & Answer

Recalled products.

You feel woozy because you are tripping yourself out.The bacteria will not make you feel ill within that time frame.It has to travel to your intestines first.Health Question & Answer

What brand did you eat. There was only one that was in question.Health Question & Answer

You might want to see your doctor.

The Midwest ArsonistHealth Question & Answer

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