What's the thing about diabetes and cutting off feet?!

Question: What's the thing about diabetes and cutting off feet.?
I really don't get it at all.... And I think I understand what diabetes is, so now I feel really stupid.

Can anyone explain it to me.?Health Question & Answer

Diabetes creates poor circulation; affects the extremities 1st, ie, hands and feet. You need blood flow to feed your tissue. Without blood flow, your tissue dies. To prevent further death or tissue loss, amputation is neccessary.Health Question & Answer

Yeah, as the first answerer said it's important to maintain blood flow.

The main issue is with diabetic neuropathy (where your nerve cells die) usually this happens first in extremities like the feet. Pretty much when this happens you can't feel pain, which is bad. It means you can have a foot infection and not realise it, which can develop unnoticed until it requires an amputation.

Another similar thing is on hot days, you can walk on really hot pavements or bitumen and not realise it, getting severe burns (this exact thing was in the news recently in the city I live in)

And, like the first poster said, if your circulation is cut off, and you dont realise it.. woops - dead foot.Health Question & Answer

Amputation and diabetes:

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Amputation is a frightening concept. If you have diabetes, here's what you need to know about amputation

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